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Endermologie can also be known as fat reduction. At Healing By J, we pride ourselves in our guaranteed results for our endermologie treatments – and aim to bring the best results for our clients.

At our clinic, we use 2 different machines for endermologie: Alliance and Keymodule, and we choose either one depending on your condition. Our machines use a roller that has a motorised flap and sequential suction to help stimulate the fat, allowing the body to act directly on the adipocytes, otherwise known as the slimming cells, as well as fibroblasts, the rejuvenating cells, present in the body.

For endermologie on the face,  it helps boost the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin. We use Keymodule and Alliance machines for the body and LPG ergolift for the face. 

We also provide endermologie booster treatments, such as presso therapy, which is ideal for lymphatic drainage and fluid mobilisation, cold wrapping, ideal for boosting circulation, reducing size and skin firming, and a slimming massage, which breaks down fibrous tissue such as scar tissue, cellulite and lip tissue. 

An example of what we can do for endermologie (apart from the usual fat reduction) is the Tummy Water Retention treatment – we use the endermologie machine around the abdominal area to help stimulate the internal organs so that it helps to get rid of toxins, resulting in a flatter stomach.

We do treatment plans based on your condition and our professional view – so that you get the most out of your treatments with us. Whether it be the reduction of stubborn fat or a booster treatment, we will do our best to make sure you get what you pay for!

Feel more confident with our endermologie treatments – you can see results just after one session with us!

Call us or book online for any enquiries or bookings!