About Us

Healing By J is a boutique skin clinic focusing on Korean skin care and techniques. The founder, Jane Kim, has worked as a beautician for over 10 years in both Korea and Australia. With her extensive knowledge of Korean beauty and the latest beauty trends, she brings the best of Korean beauty to Australia.


South Korean Techniques

We pride ourselves on perfecting and delivering advanced techniques and treatments originating from South Korea to deliver a unique and luxurious experience to our clients including machines and products.


Non-invasive approach

We believe in using non-invasive therapies to achieve a high level of client outcomes without the risks associated with invasive therapies while providing immediate benefits with no downtime.


Bespoke Treatments

Our experts take the time to listen and understand each client’s needs to better understand the skin and body condition to develop bespoke treatment plans so each client feels good from the inside out.

Our Team

Jane Kim
Founder & Director

She founded Healing By J in 2017 after she saw that there were very little skin clinics in Melbourne that specialised in Korean skin care and techniques.

To her, it was the biggest challenge yet the most rewarding – she loves to bring out the best in every customer, and seeing their smiles and satisfaction after each treatment is her number one priority.

Rana is our top Senior at Healing by J. She brings more than 20 years of experience from across South Korea and Australia. Trust Rana with all of your skin, face and body needs as Rana's extensive knowledge will find the best program to suit you.

Candice is a Senior at Healing by J and has worked with Jane for over 7 years. She is well versed in the Healing by J way that uses non-invasive, advanced Korean techniques to help our clients reach feel and look their best.

Jinyi is a Beautician at Healing by J. She has trained and graduated from South Korea's top beauty school and is now bringing her authentic experience and techniques to Healing by J's clients.

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