This multi-purpose treatment massages the dermal layer to physically firm up the structure of the dermal layer with a machine. This physical stimulation makes the dermal cells compact and firm. This recombines and restructures the dermal substance which separates as you get older giving you physical signs of aging like loose skin, cellulite and sagginess.


Endermologie tightens, builds stronger structures and compact foundations to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Through stimulating the circulation, water retention and excess water is eliminated to help reduce bloating and water weight.


The detoxifying process can promote overall wellness; some patients describe a sensation of the cells activating, and a boost in circulation.



  • Cellulite
  • ⁠⁠Water retention
  • Bloating⁠⁠ and swelling⁠⁠
  • Lymph and fluid circulation


35 minutes | Beautician $130 | Jane $150

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