Infrared sauna with slimming salts

We use slimming salts to penetrate into your skin to work with our infrared sauna to draw out and maximise your detox sweat.


Infrared saunas work from penetrating through your body to stimulate your body to heat from the inside out in comparison to a regular sauna that relies on your body to absorb heated air temperature which your body naturally resists.


Our infrared sauna will promote your body to perform a “detox sweat” instead of a normal sweat where you lose water. The detox sweat will help flush out your lymphatic system and promote better circulation in your body.


30 minutes | $45

A boutique Korean Beauty & Skin clinic bringing advanced non-invasive techniques and treatments from South Korea to Melbourne.

Located at Melbourne Sky apartment, Level 2/5 Sutherland St, Melbourne VIC 3000.