Antiaging Facial

Our Antiaging Facial includes:

  • Includes our Signature Facial
  • One laser treatment
  • One antiaging machine treatment

Your skin needs antiaging treatments as well as hydration to stay on top of the visible signs of aging.

Our Signature Facial step looks after your skin condition with targeted skincare. It also helps realign and lift your facial muscles through massage for physical stimulation.

Laser treatment

Pigmentation Laser
The laser helps treat facial marks such as sun spots, age spots that can visibly age your appearance.

Collagen Laser
This laser promotes collagen production in the skin to reduce fine lines while firming the skin to create plumpness in the dermal layer of your skin.

Antiaging machine treatment
These antiaging machines are great for preventing and treating existing aging issues.

RF machine
This machine heats up your inner skin tissues to dramatically increase blood circulation that creates nutrition for the cells resulting in a natural antiaging effect on your skin. This also warms up facial muscles so it’s easier to realign and reverse wrinkles created by muscle movements. This machine recreates the skin rejuvenation abilities that are reduced with age. Smoothes out fine lines created by repeated muscle movements.

Diosono machine
As you age, your natural skin cell production slows down causing you to lose that youthful plumpness. This ultrasound device uses high frequency to rapidly rejuvenate new cells under your skin.

Endermologie machine
This massages the dermal layer to strengthen the structure, making the dermal cells compact and firm. This recombines and restructures the dermal substance which separates as you get older giving you physical signs of aging like loose skin, cellulite and sagginess.


90 minutes | Senior $160 | Jane $180

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