HIFU for Face and Neck

HIFU heats up fat cells to stimulate new cell rejuvenation for dramatic skin tightening, slimming and melts fat cells for fat contouring. The results are long term and get better over time. During our HIFU treatment, we use 3 different cartridges to target 3 different layers of the skin from the epidermal layer until the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) that covers the skin.

We use maximum shots during your treatment that your individual body can accept so we can minimise the number of sessions needed. We like to use minimum sessions to teach your body the ability to maintain these results. This won’t negatively affect your body’s natural ability to rejuvenate cells or need.


HIFUs are low maintenance and can be done as a one-off or once a year. With good aftercare and depending on your lifestyle, results can last up to a year.


The ideal candidate’s areas of treatment should be saggy and have excess fat or skin. This treatment can also be used on your body.


From 40 minutes | From $500

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