Hydra Facial

This facial is suitable for all skin types and gives that “Glass Skin” appearance. The perfect facial for big events such as weddings, interviews and meeting old friends since it has minimum irritation.

The Hydra Facial deeply and thoroughly cleanses the skin and pores, fills the skin with nutrition and hydration solutions then is locked in with a Collagen Velvet Mask to protect the outer skin layer.


Our Hydra Facial includes:

Deep cleansing
The solutions used in this facial deeply cleanse the skin and pores while healing the skin


Aqua Microdermabrasion with solution
Resurfaces dead skin to create smoother skin.


Aqua Peel (pore cleansing with suction using a solution)
We use an AHA, BHA and NMF (Natural Moist Factor) solution to help
protect the skin while removing the cells on the outer layer of skin to
promote new skin generation. NMF is naturally found in the skin so
this helps your skin naturally accept the treatment solution for better
results. This is more effective and less irritating than traditional

Aqua Peel with the solution helps to thoroughly cleanse pores by
sucking up deep impurities, this is a more effective method for
blackhead removal in comparison to traditional extractions and


Ampoule infusion
We use an electrophorus tool to help your skin better absorb the
nutrients from our concentrated hydration ampule that helps heal
and hydrate your skin.

The Electrophorus tool shakes the cells to create room for the
ampoule to infuse with the natural skin cells in the deeper skin layers
past what your moisturiser can reach.


Collagen velvet mask
This premium mask locks all of the hydration from the ampoule
infusion into your skin while adding a protective hydrating layer. This
Korean cult favourite creates bright, glowing, hydrated and plump


90 minutes | Beautician $180 | Senior $200

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