V Shape Facial

Healing by J is the original V Shape Facial provider in Australia. Our V Shape Facial helps our clients achieve a slim, tight and defined face.

This facial is personalised to achieve maximum results for your condition. Your conditions for us to work with could be a masculine muscle shape, visible facial tension, fluid retention and swelling.

We recommended 5-6 sessions to create long term stability to create new muscle memory to retain your new shape.

Our team will determine which steps will help you best achieve a soft and sharpened facial structure from our range of treatments and techniques originating from Korea:

Korean Gyeong Lak Massage
This Korean massage technique is used to realign muscle fibre to reduce the muscle volume around the face.

This tightens the facial tissue and reduces fluid retention that causes your face to look swollen and bloated.

RF Machine
This also warms up facial muscles so it’s easier to realign and soften facial tissues to be manipulated into the desired shape.

These antiaging machines are great for preventing and treating existing aging issues.

Fat Laser
This breaks down facial fat and is especially effective under the jaw and on the double chin area.

Cold Wrap
This reduces any swelling while setting and stabilises your facial results.


80 minutes | Beautician $100 | Senior $130 | Jane $150

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