Fat vs. Cellulite

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So, what is the difference between fat and cellulite?

Fat and cellulite both cause a dimple appearance also known as “orange peel” skin. This is due to the uneven skin texture from either the fat or cellulite deposits underneath your skin. 

This type of skin appearance can often be found around the thighs and buttocks, but it can also be found on the breasts, lower abdomen and upper arms. The side effects from these uneven fat and cellulite deposits often lead us to feel self-conscious and in search of treatments to help smooth out its appearance.

People and even experts often mistake fat and cellulite for one another and even more often cellulite is treated as fat.


So what is fat?

Fat is adipose tissue or literally fat (a different substance to cellulite). There are a few layers that contain fat such as visceral fat, the fat that surrounds your organs and subcutaneous fat, also known as external fat. We talk about the subcutaneous layer in our treatments.

Subcutaneous fat is found in layers just beneath the surface of your skin, also known as external fat.

When you put on weight, the fat tissue gets bigger and the fat pocket gets irritated by expansion and friction. Then it will not only make the volume bigger around the area but also pull down the skin due to an inflammatory reaction. This also causes uneven skin.


Then what’s cellulite?

Cellulite occurs in the dermal layer of your body due to poor lymphatic flow and fluid retention.

When the lymph doesn’t collect body waste and excess water, it merges with the fluid and becomes jelly-like (we call it cellulite) and eventually fibrous cellulite. This process makes uneven skin texture.


How do I treat cellulite specifically?

Since fat and cellulite are different you need to consider cellulite specific treatments.

The Healing by J team can determine the difference between fat and cellulite to treat both as accordingly with our comprehensive range of treatments.

Our Cellulite Reduction Program targets those stubborn problem areas with specialised treatments which can include:

  • Endermologie
  • Fat freezing
  • Cold wrapping
  • Slimming massage

This mainly focuses on the dermal layer with a rolling technique and fast physical vibration. It breaks down cellulite and helps with all kinds of lymph, blood and fluid circulation.

This amazing treatment boosts elastin and collagen bonding structure to become stronger to improve skin firmness. This also reduces fat tissue by increasing your metabolism from improved circulation and increasing oxygen supply to your cells.

This treatment is non-invasive with no downtime or negative side effects! 

Fat Freezing

This treatment targets around 15% – 20% of the subcutaneous layer of fat. The cold exposure to the adipose tissues will kill any dead cells in the body turning them into body waste. This makes the perfect combination with our endermologie treatment which stimulates lymphatic drainage to help detox your body waste.

Cold wrapping:

This cold treatment will push fluid up to the groin area to stimulate a slimming effect from swollen lymphs. The cold turns your body into survival mode, making your body want to increase its internal temperature by itself. When someone experiences low internal temperature, this treatment will train the body to be able to regulate internal temperatures and improve skin firmness from the reaction to the cold wrap.

Slimming massage:
This massage breaks down very fibrous, keratinized cellulite or muscle. This technique can also help lengthen and tone your muscles to avoid the appearance of bulky muscles like in the calves.


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