Healing by J’s Approach

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Healing By J is a boutique skin and body clinic focusing on Korean skincare and techniques located in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

Our founder, Jane Kim, has gained her wealth of experience across Korea and Australia over the last decade. She now shares her extensive knowledge of Korean skin, body and beauty secrets to Melbourne, Australia.

Focus on Korean techniques

We pride ourselves on delivering advanced techniques and treatments originating from Korea. Traditionally, Koreans prefer to use natural and non-aggressive ingredients to achieve their clear, glowy, and glass-like skin that can be maintained long term. There’s no exception when it comes to body and facial enhancements. Non-invasive yet effective treatments are preferred and perfected which is unique to Healing by J.


Healing by J believes in using cutting edge technology and other manual advanced techniques to help our gorgeous clients enhance their beauty and grow their confidence. Our team is experts are trained in all of the latest treatments to deliver the best results that can be achieved during your lunch break with no downtime!

Focus on individual results

We understand that everyone is beautifully unique so our team is trained to optimise your treatment to best suit your needs. Our experts take the time to listen and understand each client’s needs and provide a free consultation before every appointment to better understand your skin and body so you leave feeling the best you can.

We’re going bigger and better!

We are so excited to be moving to a new, bigger and better location in Melbourne CBD where we will be introducing a new collection of Traditional Asian Therapies among our classic range of treatments.

It’s no secret that Healing by J believes in looking after your whole self to be and feel your BEST self whether it be your skin, body or even internal health. 

Healing by J will be opening a new location in Melbourne CBD and introducing new traditional Asian treatment programs that take an alternative approach to healing your body. We have curated effective treatment programs that help heal your from your soul to skin! 

Here’s a sneak peek of some of our new treatment programs. P.S they are available in our October New Location Promotion!


DH Balance

This treatment incorporates Aromatherapy, Thermal Therapy, and Colour Therapy to help bring balance and regulate your body and mind. This includes regulating your body temperature, using colour therapy to align to balance your chakras and using essential oils to bring psychological and physical relief.

What’s included:

  • Jangsang consultation
  • Colour Analysis
  • O-Ring test
  • DH Balance Massage
  • Enzyme therapy
  • Ear Pressure Point Therapy
  • 1 weeks worth of personalised Jangsang tea to enjoy at home

Hydra Youth Facial

Our most loved Hydra Facial has an antiaging sister treatment! This new Hydra Youth Facial includes all of the treatments in a Hydra Facial as well as incorporating Tenor Lipo Laser to help firm, tighten and contour your fresh face.


  • Deep pore cleansing
  • Effective hydra exfoliation
  • Skin nourishment and hydration
  • Repaired moisture barrier
  • Facial lifting and firming
  • Facial contouring
  • Tune Face facelift effects 

Goong Women Therapy

We have perfected a package that helps you regulate your uterine and womb health. Whether this is an irregular odour, discharge, bleeding, bad period symptoms, or even infertility. This package will be tweaked to suit your individual needs.

What to expect:

  • Analysis 
  • RF massage
  • Uterine massage
  • Chai yok OR moxibustion 
  • Take home Goong oil 
  • 1 weeks worth of personalised Jangsang tea to enjoy at home


Endermologie The Better

Healing by J has curated our top-performing treatments that accelerate each other’s effects into one package. Enjoy a powerful 90 minutes of our top bloating, water retention, and slimming treatments in one session.

What to expect:

  • Analysis + Cellumeter body check
  • Endermologie
  • Booster treatment choice of:
    • Fat freezing
    • RF
    • Cold wrapping
    • Slimming Massage
    • Fat laser
    • Sauna with sliming salts
    • Tenor RF
    • Ear pressure point therapy choice of: 
    • Appetite suppressant or bloating


Seshin + Steam Massage

This manual scrub efficiently removes visible dead skin cells and encourages skin cell renewal leaving you with the smoothest skin you have ever had. This significantly helps reduce the appearance of “strawberry skin” by exfoliating away the excess keratin buildup. This is then followed up by a traditional Korean massage using hot steam towels to end your Korean spa experience with us.

Benefits of this treatment:

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Encourages cell renewal
  • Revitalises skin
  • Softer skin
  • Released tension in your body


Enzyme Therapy x3 + Raytam Therapy x2 sessions

Enzyme Therapy baths are a traditional Japanese hot bath method that detoxifies the body with active enzymes that stimulate metabolic activity inside and out.

Benefits of this treatment:

  • Relieves joint and muscle pain
  • Detoxifies and cleans your skin
  • Supports weakened immune systems
  • Antioxidant infusion and anti-inflammatory 

Raytam Therapy
light-based therapy is 2-3 times stronger than traditional infrared saunas with a stronger heat penetration to help increase internal body temperatures.

Benefits of this treatment:

  • Regulates internal body temperature
  • Heals skin in targeted areas
  • Relieves symptoms of skin issues such as psoriasis, eczema, and scars


October Promotion!

We’re opening a new location in Melbourne CBD! Buy one and get one free at our NEW location if you have spent over $100 at our current Little Collins St location when you bring a friend who has never been to Healing by J.

Terms & Conditions

  • Choose from the following packages: Hydra Youth Facial, Seshin + Steam Massage, 
  • Both treatments must be booked at the same time 
  • Same value or lesser value treatment will be free
  • You must have spent $100 at Healing by J Little Collins St
  • The person you bring must not have visited Healing by J before
  • Please note the promotion when booking 
  • Can not be used with any other voucher or discounts