Is your internal temperature in the safe zone?

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Long before internal body temperatures could be measured by thermometers, clinicians in ancient cultures were aware of the importance of body temperature in health and disease. For example, in ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, physical or medicinal warming of body temperature was prescribed for illnesses such as arthritis and cancer. 

The average cancer patient has an internal body temperature of 35°. A study conducted by Elizabeth Repasky at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in the US found that a cold environment boosted the growth of several different types of cancer, including breast, skin, colon, and pancreas.


Are you in 36.5°- 37° safe zone?

The general range of a healthy body temperature is between 36.5°- 37° for your vital internal organs, nervous system and enzymes to function efficiently. Unfortunately, most people do not usually remain in the 36.5°- 37° safe zone.

If your temperature is too low, it can lead to and accelerate long-term health concerns such as arthritis and a decrease in immunity. Studies have found that a 1° decrease from your safe zone range can result in a 30% decrease in immunity. However, a 1° increase from a low body temperature results in a 50% increase in immunity.


Healing by J’s approach

We are so excited to be moving to a new, bigger and better location in Melbourne CBD where we will be introducing a new collection of Traditional Asian Therapies among our classic range of treatments.

Learn more about the range of therapies that can help people with low body temperatures to help boost their immunities and overall health.


Enzyme Therapy

Enzyme therapy is a traditional Japanese hot bath method that detoxifies the body with active enzymes that help improve your immune system while stimulating metabolic activities.  This is the strongest immunity booster by using the bath method for the best enzyme wavelength penetration. This results in long-lasting heat stability mimics high-intensity cardio exercise and auto-immune recovery.

The warm and fragrant treatment offers many health benefits such as:

  • relieves joint and muscle pain
  • supports weakened immune systems
  • smoothes eczema while clarifying skin
  • boosts blood circulation and metabolism
  • detoxifies your system while infusing antioxidants 


Raytam Light Therapy

Our Raytam Light Therapy machine uses the same red light therapy as an infrared sauna but with a 2-3 times efficiency with its advanced technology by creating stronger wavelengths.

Raytam Light Therapy heats the body temperature from the inside out, unlike a traditional sauna that warms the body temperature from the outside in. When the body is heated from the inside out, your body is able to produce an intense detox sweat rather than a normal heat reaction sweat. 

Raytam Light Therapy helps increase internal body temperatures while detoxing and boosting your immunity.

This treatment also benefits:

  • detoxes the body
  • boosts collagen production
  • DNA repair and cell regeneration
  • speeds up wound and scar healing
  • increases internal body temperature


Chai-Yok Yoni Therapy

Our Chai-Yok treatment can be beneficial in reducing mental, emotional and physical stress experienced by most women. This vaginal steam therapy includes the burning of concentrated dried mugwort while applying heat to the lower hip and abdomen area. 

This traditional treatment benefits:

  • UTIs
  • reducing vaginal odour
  • bladder infections
  • irregular discharge
  • reduces inflammation
  • soothes hemorrhoids and rectum inflammation


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