Melbourne’s First Uterine Care Treatment Programs

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It’s no secret that Healing by J believes in looking after your whole self to be and feel your BEST self whether it be your skin, body or even internal health. 


Healing by J will be opening a new location in Melbourne CBD and introducing new traditional Asian treatment programs that take an alternative approach to healing your body. An exciting new treatment program specifically focuses on uterus, womb and yoni health, a first of its kind in Melbourne.


Unfortunately, many of us have experienced invalidation and a lack of support when it comes to issues and discomfort around menstrual and uterine health. Most of the time a heat pack, tea and panadol don’t help! Uterine Care treatment programs have been developed and refined to soothe the regular suffering from irregular periods, endometriosis, cramping, recurring UTIs and more.


Here’s a sneak peek of Healing by J’s first women’s health treatment programs that will be available at our new location!


Uterine Care Massage

Gyeong-lak is a traditional massage technique that follows the pathways connecting different anatomic sites all along the body where vital energy is said to flow. This is a medium to deep tissue massage along the vital pathways and acupoints to boost the flow of chi (energy). 


When focused on the lower abdomen and pelvic area this can ease deep uterus and ovarian-centred issues.


This massage technique can benefit:

  • menstruation cramping and irregularities
  • water retention and bloating
  • improved blood flow
  • prenatal prep and postnatal care
  • womb recovery
  • energy (chi) balance in the female organs

Uterine Moxibustion

The burning concentration of dried mugwort follows the chi line connecting different anatomic sites along the body, expanding the constricted blood vessels and allowing fresh oxygen-rich blood to flow freely through the organs.


This ancient treatment offers many benefits such as:

  • menstruation cramping and irregularities
  • postpartum healing
  • supports endometriosis symptoms
  • soothes body eczema and psoriasis
  • improves ovarian functions and defence
  • relieves menstrual pain and irregular bleeding

Chai-yok Yoni Health Therapy

Our Chai-Yok treatment can be beneficial in reducing mental, emotional and physical stress experienced by most women. This vaginal steam therapy includes the burning of concentrated dried mugwort while applying heat to the lower hip and abdomen area. 


This traditional treatment benefits:

  • UTIs
  • reducing vaginal odour
  • bladder infections
  • irregular discharge
  • reduces inflammation
  • soothes hemorrhoids and rectum inflammation

August Promotion!

We’re opening a new location in Melbourne CBD! Buy one and get one free at our NEW location if you have spent over $100 at our current Little Collins St location when you bring a friend who has never been to Healing by J.


Terms & Conditions

  • Choose from a Hydra Facial, Seshin package, Enzyme therapy, Women’s treatment and more to come
  • Both treatments must be booked at the same time 
  • Same value or lesser value treatment will be free
  • You must have spent $100 at Healing by J Little Collins St
  • The person you bring must not have visited Healing by J before
  • Please note the promotion when booking 
  • Can not use with any other voucher or discounts