Introducing our: Signature Facial

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Just like taking a vitamin for your health, our Signature Facial is a health boost to help you maintain your best skin.


Our skin experts uniquely customise each session to best suit your skin type and skin concern. Whether you’re pregnant, have temporary skin issues triggered by masks (BOO Lockdown!) or just need some TLC, our Signature Facial is the best place to start your skin journey.


What to expect:

Complimentary consultation

Your skin expert will dedicate the beginning of your session to understanding your skin type and concerns so they can plan the best experience for you.


Makeup removal
Makeup, sunscreen and any other dirt and pollution on your skin will be gently yet effectively removed.


Your skin expert will choose a cleanser that best suits your skin type to help cleanse your true skin and inside your pores to release any trapped dirt. Take this moment to appreciate your skin and enjoy the feeling of your fresh face. 

Chemical-based exfoliation with steam

A steam machine will be used during this step to enhance the penetration of the chemical exfoliant to reveal smooth radiant skin.

Mask with leg compression massage
Once the exfoliant is removed, a mask best suited for your skin is applied. During this relaxing step, you will have a leg compression massage to help improve blood circulation and release tensions.

Skincare to suit your skin type

Our skin experts will apply an appropriate skincare routine to help protect and nourish your new skin. We will even apply BB cream if you have somewhere you need to be after your appointment.

Neck and shoulder massage
As your skin soaks up the goodness, please enjoy a neck and shoulder massage. We use a Korean technique that focuses on relaxing your tense trapezius muscle and elongating your neck for better posture and appearance.


Ready for your boost of skin health?

Experience our Signature Facial with a complimentary 15min foot or back massage for only $100. Offer available with Bonnie, Robin or Kim until the 15th of August. Book now.