The Korean girl’s secret to reducing bloating

We all love late night snacks and hate the bloat that comes with our actions the next day.

All of the increased salt and sugar consumption from your favourite snacks and foods often leads to bloating and water retention. Not cute, I know.

Food and eating good is a huge part of Asian culture, Korea is definitely not an exception. We’ve all seen the Instagramable desserts and cute Korean snacks but can’t help to wonder: “Where does it all go?!”

Korean girls have a few tricks up their sleeves that help them reduce unwanted bloating and water retention.


Non-invasive Treatments

A multi-purpose massage therapy treatment with rejuvenating and skin tightening benefits for the face and body. Endermologie helps contour and shape your body line by targeting stubborn areas and encouraging circulation.

Through stimulating the circulation, water retention and excess water is eliminated to help reduce bloating and water weight.

The detoxifying process can promote overall wellness; some patients describe a sensation of the cells activating, and a boost in circulation.

All of the salt in your yummy food can cause water retention that affects not only your body but also the face. Especially under the chin, no thank you! This weakens skin tissues can also result in jowling and loss of jawline structure. Through improving the circulation and boosting elastin production, Endermologie can reduce puffiness and redefine your jawline.


V shape treatment:
Heard all the rave about Korean skincare? Try our Korean facial treatment and see instant results. Our specialised V Shape treatment sculpts, defines and shapes your jawline. Plus, it’s non-invasive! It consists of a Korean Gyeong-Lak style massage followed by Endermologie & Lapex and cold wrapping.


The Korean Gyeong-Lak style massage is widely used among Korean celebrities to create and maintain a defined and slim face. It focuses on releasing the muscle tensions in muscles your jaw, promoting blood circulation and the lifting your facial muscles. The boost in circulation also leaves your complexion looking healthy and bright!


Did you know, the tension in our shoulders and neck pull at our jaw and facial muscles, which makes our skin droop and sag? When you release that tension, you will immediately see a more lifted and firm appearance in your skin.


Want to try it for yourself??

Healing by J specialises in effective and non-invasive treatments and techniques from South Korea. Whether it’s endermologie or a V Shape Treatment, book a free consultation and we can recommend the best treatments that suit your goals.

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