Treatments at Healing By J are there for all your needs. We have a range of treatments and packages, from facials to endermologie, suitable and personalised to you - meaning that you'll get the best out of each treatment you pay for.

We proudly offer an extensive collection of Traditional Asian Treatments to relieve inner and outer issues. Healing by J has Melbourne's first Uterine Care program to help improve issues such as yoni odours, inflammation, infertility, menstruation issues and more.


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Our anti-aging treatments are personalised to suit your condition and needs.

The treatment targets and aims to combat and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for younger looking skin.

The treatment includes our signature facial, endermologie and collagen laser or pigmentation laser.

At Healing By J, we have 4 types of different IPL functions.

• Hair removal
• Collagen Rejuvenation
• Pigmentation, freckles and dark spots
• Acne

You can choose from these options to suit your condition and needs.

At Healing By J we offer waxing services as well as:

• Lash lifting
• Lash tinting
• Brow tinting
• Lash extensions (normal or organic materials)

We offer deep tissue and remedial massages.

Deep tissue massages are suitable for if you want to relax and destress, whereas remedial massages are for those who have special conditions such as injuries, pregnancy, muscle pain etc.

We also offer luxury treatments such as hot stone therapy, aromatherapy and body scrubbing.

Our fat melting therapy treatments, otherwise known as lipo laser or lapex, target the fat cells, instantly making them reduce in size.

It is the perfect treatment before endermologie treatments or exercise.

We use Coolthera cryotherapy treatments, otherwise known as Coolthera fat freezing treatments.

Ideal for those who want to minimise and reduce stubborn fat and chunky legs.

Get a smoother and sharper jawline with our specialised V Chin treatment – it consists of a Korean Gyeong-Lak style massage followed by endermologie & Lapex and cold wrapping.

Treat stubborn areas with our specialised endermologie treatments for a slimmer shape.

Endermologie treatments can be on any part of the body. We use Keymodule and Alliance machines for the body and LPG ergolift for the face. 

For endermologie on the face, it helps boost the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin. 

We also provide endermologie booster treatments:

• Presso therapy – ideal for lymphatic drainage and fluid mobilisation.
• Cold wrapping, ideal for boosting circulation, reducing size and skin firming.
• Slimming massage, which breaks down fibrous tissue such as scar tissue, cellulite and lipo tissue.

Feel more confident after our sessions – results can be seen after just one session!


Ideal for those who want to reduce the appearance of acne scarring, enlarged pores and wrinkles.

This treatment includes a numbing cream for post care treatment.

Radio Frequency (RF) is for those who want to minimise and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines.

It softens tissue and increases circulation.

A boutique Korean Beauty & Skin clinic bringing advanced non-invasive techniques and treatments from South Korea to Melbourne.

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