Video Testimonial for a free treatment

We would love to hear about your experience with our treatments and services. Your video testimonial will be shared on our website and social media to help explain more about our treatments and results.


What you need to do

Film a 5-minute high quality, clear and decorative filter-free (no cat ears etc.) video testimonial of yourself answering the questions below:

  • What treatment did you get from Healing by J?
  • From which therapist?
  • How did it go?
  • What treatments/solutions have you tried before for this problem?
  • Was it painful?
  • How did it feel?
  • How long was it?
  • Is there any maintenance afterwards?
  • What were the results that you saw? (please provide a before and after picture, if you can)
  • How often do you have to do the treatment?
  • How did it affect your confidence/self-esteem?
  • How was Healing by J different from other clinics?
  • Would you recommend this treatment/Healing by J?


Next steps :

  • DM us the video on Instagram @healingbyjmelbourne
  • Try to contain your excitement as you wait to hear back from us!


Your reward

Once your video testimonial is approved we will DM you letting you know that you have received the promotion! Choose to treat yourself to a free facial, massage or try HIFU or Alex Peel for 50% off! 


Are you a new client but want this promotion?

If you have not visited us before, you can book a full-priced treatment to base your video testimonial on and receive 100% off your next visit!


Terms and conditions

Video testimonial can have any treatment for free except followings
* HIFU and Alex peel will be 50% off
* Fat freezing 2 pads
* Lapex 5 sessions

Free treatments will only be offered to clients who have created a high-quality video testimonial meeting the requirements above, answered all of the questions and are approved by Healing By J. One free treatment per client.

  • Videos have to include the answers above in the video.
  • The original video must be sent to us.
  • Video must be posted on Instagram and you must tag us

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