Winning Winter Tips

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For all of winter’s seasonal perks (boots, cute coats, pop up igloo bars and mulled wine) there are also some unpleasant sides to the season changing. 


Our skin suffers from climate change between the cold crisp climate outside and the artificial heating inside. While switching to a thicker moisturiser at the first sign of the cold proves helpful, there are some other things you can do to combat winter skin. 


​​Here’s Healing by J’s guide on soothing and dealing with dry winter skin.


Chapped skin and lips

When it comes to preventing chapped skin and lips, reach for products with SPF added. This helps reduce the irritations caused by UV rays. When moisturising your face (and even lips!) make sure you’re applying your products onto a damp canvas. Apply a facial mist or even water to your face and lips (NOT saliva!) before you lock in the moisture with your moisturiser or lip product.


Dehydrated and flakey faces

Winter calls for a thicker and richer face moisturiser. Look for nourishing ingredients that can be a good lipid barrier such as:

  • Ceramides
  • Shea butter
  • Vitamin E


If you are using a foaming facial wash and find your skin feeling tighter than usual after use, try switching to a cream or gentler formula to get you through the winter season.


The cold air and excessive nose blowing often lead to dry and flakey skin. People often confuse flakey skin to be excessive dead skin that needs to be exfoliated. Actually, it’s more likely to be keratin, excess protein in skin cells that are hanging due to the lack of lipids. It’s like when bricks don’t have enough cement to hold them together.

Sometimes (depending on weather changes or skin conditions such as allergic reactions) your skin wants to push over and recover after the cause. Either way, the key is to provide more lipids to nourish your skin rather than only peeling off or taking away excess keratin from your skin. 


Exfoliation can only treat the surface level flakiness effectively but only when you’re properly hydrating your deeper skin levels to fill in between the cells and sealing it on top to protect all of your skin. If you’re finding that your at-home exfoliation methods are too harsh and abrasive on your sensitive winter skin, consider booking a Hydra Facial. 


Our Hydra Facial includes an Aqua Microdermabrasion and/or an Aquapeel to effectively exfoliate your skin while adding nutrition back into it. Learn more here.

Dehydrated and flakey skin on your body

Just like your face, you should be applying your moisturiser to your damp body for better absorption. A dry sponge doesn’t absorb as well as a damp one! You may notice that your skin is absorbing your moisturiser faster than usual (or being transferred when you jump into your favourite PJs). To avoid this happening, lock your moisturiser into your skin by applying a skin oil on top of your damp skin. Or, you can mix it with a hydration serum or moisturiser. It’s how Kylie Jenner does it all year round!

Other key points:

  • You know this one: drink more water!
  • Invest in a humidifier to bring moisture back into the air.
  • Don’t overdo it with alcohol and caffeine. This can further dehydrate your skin.
  • Book yourself for our Hydra Facial for skin hydration, nutrition and exfoliation. Learn more here.

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